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  • THEN MY GP SUGGESTED I TRY A “Sounds Of Solace” CD…I bought the Sounds Of Sleep Volume 1 CD. After trying the CD I was genuinely surprised about the effect it had on me. I did not have to analyse my problem. I just listened to it before going to sleep at night and started to feel its benefits in the undercurrent of everything I did. The main thing is I sleep better and my IBS is completely under control. I sometimes put the cd on in the background while at work as it just relaxes my over busy mind. I recommend it to everyone!”

    C. Neale

  • “I gave the CD to my sister who has a newborn. I originally bought the CD for myself but felt she needed it more. She said it was the best present I could have gifted her. As soon as she put it on before bedtime or during naps for son, not only did he fall quickly fall asleep, it gave her one of those deep deep 5 minute power naps she most needed during the day.”

    J. Berkley