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SOS 4 ImageVol. 4 Sounds Of Fulfilment-  $69.97 USD

The full 15, 30 and 70 minute downloads and workbook are available for this release as a stand alone product.

I am the embodiment of fulfilled abundance yes I am 

Letting In: increase energy for change, patience, balance emotions, systematic approach, connected process, enjoying process & journey, fulfilment, abundance, feeling settled, content with ones progress and creation, having & being more than enough

Letting Go: adrenal fatigue, burn out, exhaustion, addiction to success, not knowing when to stop, destructive influences, lack follow up and detail, confusion, impatience, focus on negative or irrelevant details, desperation, never having or being enough.
Chakra: Spleen                Solfeggio: 417HZ              Key:D#

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new version 2

Sleep Easy – $27.99 USD

This Sleep Easy audio program by Anikiko has been designed with the guided imagery of calming, soothing and healing concepts that help one balance the unconscious emotions and stresses the physical body carries. It also uses brain wave technology, biorhythm entrainment and the soothing power of gentle flowing human vocals weaving in and out of the waves in the music. Truly unique in its technology and symphony of science, sound, artistry and powerful imagery this audio program will help the toughest of sleep problems through.

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new version 1

Mastering Mindfulness – $27.99 USD

Over 70 mins Mastering Mindfulness contains 5 tracks. It is the work and compilation of thousands of work with clients one on one and groups by Anikiko, specialised kinesiologist, to the calming background of her “Music Nutrition” series.

The background music itself uses the calming soothing power of the human voice and brainwave technology to access deeper states,  intentions related to each track, scalar holographic ‘tones’, crystal singing bowls, binaural rhythms, entrainment, solfeggio tuning forks and the melodies and resonance of Anikiko’s voice initiate the space for harmony and healing at the deepest level of your being.

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Letting Go Of Anxiety and Stress – $27.99 USD

Letting Go Of Anxiety and Stress contains 5 tracks that are guided and very practical in helping you apply techniques in everyday situations both managing and preventing stress. Some tools are progressive music relaxation and specific breathing tools. Track 3 use specific imagery to help surrender into peace and let stress go whilst track 5 features Anikiko’s special guided Smiling Heart Meditation which is known to reduce the toxic effects of stress almost instantly.
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cdww300Liquid Love Meditation – $27.99 USD

Like a personal symphony the generation of the frequency of Liquid Love through the guided wisdom of Michelle Richmond, Scalar Holographic ‘tones’, crystal singing bowls and the resonance of Ani Neradilkova’s voice initiate the space for harmony and healing at the deepest level of your being allowing the truth of who you are to shine through .

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sweeten and deepen intimacy product imageSweeten and Deepen Intimacy – $27.99 USD

Just like trust and communication, intimacy is one important factor in a strong relationship. The Sweeten and Deepen Intimacy Track encourages to deepen connections, improve relationships, give the feeling of being seen, heard, understood and loved for you to experience the greatest joy in life.

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5 mistakesTop 5 Mistakes That People Make – $19.97 USD

This audio recording is custom-made for Sydney Kinesiology under Music Nutrition designed for you to experience unprecedented change in an area most important to you. This audio track lets you use every challenge as an opportunity for transformation, deeper connection, growth, love and have fun throughout your life journey.

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Live Meditations – $9.99 USD

Live Meditations (9.99 or $17/month for 2 meditation a month)

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